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We are here to help you find the right financial option for your business.

Regular VAT payments can impact on cash flow


Spread the burden of quarterly VAT payments over a three-month period and ease your cash flow with our VAT funding solutions.  Our experienced consultants will tailor the most suitable package to your needs.

Finding the funds to pay regular VAT bills is an expense many businesses cannot avoid and more are turning to finance in a bid to free-up cash flow.

Opting for a business loan to cover VAT payments not only enables SMEs to invest cash in other business areas, but can also help avoid overdue payment charges imposed by the HMRC.

By agreeing a short-term loan, such as our three to 12-month facilities, businesses can free-up cash flow to invest in new assets or develop business further.

Rather than thinking of it as funding a VAT bill here at V4B Professions we see it as replacing short-term capital into your business to help it grow.

Cash flow enhancement has helped many of our clients progress, we deal with large scale multi-national corporations as well as smaller niche businesses and have funded more than £6 million in VAT funding this year alone.

Eligibility decisions can be made in as little as 24 hours and our experienced advisors are happy to discuss your needs via telephone, email or web link.

Benefits of VAT funding:

  • Fast response on eligibility – in as little as 24 hours
  • Relieve cash-flow pressure
  • Manage finances